Personal branding photography session in Berwick.

Andrea Moody is a business coach and SME specialist.

I met her at a networking event for women in business in the City of Casey.

I attended her workshop Financial Literacy For Women in Business and this had helped me a lot in building my business on a good financial planing.

Andrea hired me to do her personal branding photos as she wanted to revamp her brand with fresh and new images.

We did the photoshoot in her beautiful home in Berwick instead of the studio in Cranbourne North.

First I went through her wardrobe and choose with her the outfits that suits her brand best and then check on her make up before the shooting.

We located few spots in the house and I was looking mostly for some good lights and background.

I love the one we took at the front door.

We did also some photos outdoor with the beautiful foliage background. The weather in Berwick was perfect on that day.

It was such a pleasure to work with Andrea and I wish her all the success in the world.

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